10 signals your body is sending you to tell you to quit sugar.

All too often we are so caught up in our routine and busy schedule, that we neglect to listen to the real signals our body is sending us. We only capture the survival-mode smoke signals and look for immediate gratification to those ones. I call them Survival-mode Smoke Signals because we feel as if we do not immediately satisfy them we are going to die but, as the smoke, they are mostly inconsistent. What’s more, the word “smoke” in my mind is linked to cigarettes and “bad for you”. Like when we need our coffee or sugar or nicotine fix.


Here are some real signals your wise body is sending you to tell you that you need to let go of sugar.


See if you experience any of them.


  1. You feel sluggish despite a long night sleep
  2. You have a foggy mind and struggle to concentrate
  3. When you are craving something it is generally sugary food or bread
  4. You have premature wrinkles despite all the expensive natural beauty products you apply
  5. You have mood swings
  6. You cannot sleep well
  7. You have a bad breath and/or cavities
  8. You tend to put on fat around your waistline
  9. You are bloated and gassy
  10. Your feet are sore

Do not underestimate them. If you take some time to sit down, breathe and examine them, you will realise that they are not smoke signals. There is fire burning underneath. 

Your body is shouting out loud that something is wrong and needs immediate intervention. Listen to it, it knows better.

Of course, it is not easy to give up sugar. It’s comforting. And it’s everywhere. But I made it. And I am no better than anyone else. Only much healthier and lucid now than I was in the past. I would never have had the persistence and determination to put together Sugarlibre for you if I were still in the hands of fructose. Never.

So don’t hesitate. Think it through and meet me on the other side, where freedom is.

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