Meet Lorena
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Lorena Loriato


I am Lorena and I share with you a story of eating chaos. It came in various forms and tenacity since I was 8 but I managed to overcome it for good. It took me 30+ years, that is to say, all the real-life experience I am making available to you here in Sugarlibre. I know what it feels like living a distorted relationship with food and consequently with the world. Or is it the other way around? I know it. I have been there.
Personal research on natural nutrition led me to specialise in raw vegan food in 2012. Since then, I taught many classes around the globe, especially tailoring my classes around my client’s needs. I have worked as a chef in world-renowned raw food restaurants both in Europe and in the Middle East, and developed successful recipes for plant-centred food brands. 

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In the creation journey of Sugarlibre I was assisted by Dr. Sara Garduño-Diaz.

We are experts in our fields and have a strong desire to put our knowledge and experience at your service.

We met in the desert under a star shower (true story) and our bond has been of mutual respect and support since then.

We want to help and be there to assist you throughout this program.

Dr. Sara Garduño-Diaz


I am Dr Sara Garduño-Diaz and nutrition is my living passion. I believe food determines how we live our lives and has the power to make us thrive or hold us back. Learning how to get the most of our food experiences is what I advocate for. With over 10 years working in the field of nutrition and health, I believe in eating real food. 

For a more detailed description of my work, you can visit