Let me ask you:

Do you feel you have a weak spot for everything sweet but you know sugar is not good for you?

Do you feel bad every time you indulge (but you just can’t help it)?

Do you find yourself thinking about food 510 minutes a day? (yes, that is basically every other minute of your waking hours).

Do you believe in the extraordinary power of a plant-based diet?

At last, we have come to understand that refined sugar is not our best and most reliable friend.

Yes, what physicians are calling a worldwide sugar-related “obesity epidemic”, is clearly happening but body weight is not the only issue we should be concerned about.
Unfortunately, refined sugar is impacting the communication between our stomach and our brain, thus making us weak, sluggish and powerless. Research is showing that it is an addictive substance so it should be treated as such.
Far from self-proclaiming myself an expert on addictions, I would like to put my experience in good use and play my little part too in making people aware of both risks and solutions. I would like to show you that to regain control over food is possible and that a life that is light and free from chains is attainable for everyone.
You might already be enjoying a plant-based diet and still not be feeling 100% OK with it. There is something just not there yet and you cannot figure out what it is. Maybe you have tried to rely on your willpower to improve your food strategy and invariably fell off the wagon and felt overwhelmed by frustration?

Friend, it was not your fault.

There is another way and I am here to share it with you.
You must really want it, though. 
Really crave it like it was a triple chocolate lava cake with whipped cream on the side.
You must be ready to challenge yourself and your belief system.
You must be willing to go the extra mile, like those times when you would do anything for your next food fix.
I am confident this course will give you freedom but you must give it all your determination first.
It’s tough to turn a blind eye on sugar in this day and age. I cannot deny it. For sure sugary food is advertised massively everywhere and looks so tempting. 
Added sugar is also hidden in places where you would least expect it.
But if I made it, you can too.
I was led to create this program because I personally needed to find a permanent and lasting balance with food.
I already enjoyed the great benefits of a high raw vegan diet but I was still prey to mood swings and sluggishness every now and then.
My body wasn’t exactly as lean as you would expect it to be, considering my diet style and my soft fitness regime. Ageing signs like stiffness in my joints, wrinkles and such were making an early appearance. Indeed, there are a few great programs out there that help you get rid of sugar cravings but they are mostly designed for meat eaters. 
Maybe it is a common assumption that a raw vegan foodie has achieved optimum health.
I am sure many of us have. 
However, the majority are not enjoying all these highly acclaimed benefits. On the contrary, they have probably developed an even stronger sweet tooth, due to the abundance of fruit and “good” sweeteners they have a green light to eat.
During my personal journey with raw food I have experienced enthusiasm, joy, incredible energy, but also boredom, irritability, denial, joint pain, tooth decay and discouragement. I took the first three and created this program to fix the rest.

I called it Sugarlibre.

Delicious balanced plant-based meals and a bunch of easy practices aimed to assist you in the process and stay with you for good.

Sugarlibre is for you if:

  • you want to free your life from food obsessions
  • you are at the mercy of sugar and need help to be back in charge
  • you believe in Nature as the ultimate healer
  • you want a leaner body, to feel lighter and be more vibrant
  • you want more energy, better sleep, strengthened immunity, greater mental clarity, glowing skin, stronger hair and nails
  • you are aware that emotions drive your eating behaviours
  • you feel sluggish
  • you want a more efficient life
  • you are looking for easy, delicious recipes to support a healthy lifestyle
  • you want to learn how to prepare raw wholesome food
  • you want to get rid of cellulite (yes, this is also a perk of quitting sugar and why the hell do only women have to deal with that?)

Sugarlibre will give you:

  • 4 weeks of comprehensive written content about healthy eating, sugar cravings, raw cooking techniques, and wellness practices such as journaling, eating tricks, and mental strategies that can enhance your results
  • an easy to follow and balanced meal plan studied in collaboration with world-class nutritionist and dietitian Dr. Sara Garduño Diaz
  • 2 recipe books with 40+ vegan recipes specifically designed to help you manage your relationship with sugar
  • grocery shopping lists to make your food prep easy
  • a list of tried and tested strategies to fight sugar cravings regardless of the time of day
  • a guide to set up the healthiest possible kitchen
  • important information on some key ingredients you must include in your diet
  • useful guidelines on how to prep, preserve and store your ingredients
  • daily emails aimed to motivate you to stay on track
  • exclusive access to a private Facebook support group, where I also am present and active every day
  • 2 x 1 hour group Q&A online sessions with myself and Sara
  • 1 x 30’ follow up coaching call with myself

With Sugarlibre you are bound to achieve:

  • Freedom from food obsessions
  • Freedom from food addictions
  • A new approach to eating
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Mood stability
  • Mental clarity
  • Glowing skin
  • Stronger hair and nails
  • Peace of mind
  • Weight loss 
Sugarlibre is NOT a weight-loss program but we see weight-loss as a secondary benefit.

So, hit the reset button on your relationship with food and join us!