Morning sugar cravings, I fear you not!

How to confront sugar temptations at breakfast and win.

Some people find it particularly hard to avoid sugar in the morning. There might be many valid reasons for that, both emotional and physical. We will not delve into the possible emotional triggers that propel you towards a sweet breakfast. These will be for sure different for everyone.

Let’s work around the habit possibility instead.

If you were brought up in the Western part of the world, chances are you have been enjoying a sweet type of breakfast all of your life. Or at least half of your breakfast.
Due to our fast lifestyle, even the Good Ol’ English breakfast made up of eggs, bacon, sausage and beans on buttered toast has gone out of fashion as a weekday morning meal.
Most of us got used to just grabbing a coffee and a couple of biscuits or a chocolate muffin while dashing out of the door. And if you were in Italy, you would most likely stop at a cafeteria on your way to work to gulp down a cappuccino and a fresh-out-of-the-oven cornetto (croissant). It is just easier to reach for a biscuit rather than an omelette and that biscuit has become our habit. The habit Sugarlibre can help you change

Here are some tips I have found work well to establish a new morning pattern.

1. Make sure you always get enough quality sleep. This is critical. We always underestimate the power of a good night sleep but you can so not ignore it.
An exhausted body will crave sugar because of its quick effect on energy levels. However, this boost will not last long and you will be left more tired and longing for your next sugar fix for the rest of the day.

2. Make your bed. Yes. That’s right. I assume you do, but if you don’t, you should. This simple action can set the right tone for your day. It puts your mind in order and strengthens your discipline.

3. Grab some nuts on the go (if you haven’t made your Sugarlibre breakfast the night before) instead of the biscuit. Any nut, the one you like the most. And water. Lots of it.

4. Eat good fats and proteins. Calorie counting is so last season, and you needn’t be concerned about them when you are on a sugar detox mission. You won’t be eating sugar so you will be spared that big load of calories.

5. Prepare your breakfast the night before and make it a very filling one. I have found that overnight porridge (oats) is a good quick option. Top it in the morning with some natural nut butter and a few berries and you will be full and satiated for many hours. Resist the temptation to throw in a lot of dried fruit as these are fructose bombs.

6. If you think a fruit juice, even a fresh cold-pressed one, is a good incipit for your day, I invite you to reconsider it.
Most brands of commercial fruit juices are just liquid sugar in a carton and the ones you make by yourself at home end up being pure fructose (sugar in fruit). Some people find it easier to quit sugar when they avoid also fruit. But if you are more comfortable with keeping some in your food plan, it is much more effective to eat the fruit as a whole with all its fibres and nutrients which help to slow down the fructose (aka sugar) release in your body. If you still do not want to give up your juice in the morning, make it a totally green one, where “green” stands for vegetables.

7. The same applies to smoothies. Once you put fruit in a blender and you shred all the fibre lattice, you give a green light for fructose and glucose to drive wild into your system. If you really love fruit in your smoothies in the morning, only add one fruit and let the rest be vegetables.

8. What about your coffee? I am not ashamed to admit that although I am a raw foodist, I still drink coffee. You’d be surprised how many of us do.
First of all, the effects of coffee are still undergoing a debate and it looks like it might not be that bad for us after all. Secondly, being a raw food eater does not mean you have to eat 100% raw. You can be fully raw, high raw, half raw… Nuances make life more colourful. If you like to enjoy a good cup of sweeten organic coffee in the morning, you might want to try and replace that sugar with a dash of cinnamon. Or splash in some homemade hazelnut milk.

9. Drink Chai Tea instead of coffee. If you do not like your coffee without the sugar, it might be a good idea not to drink coffee at all. A lovely alternative, though, is a spiced tea. My favourites are Chai Tea and Choco Tea (yes! A tea that tastes chocolate!). It will warm you up and leave a cosy sweet taste in your mouth.


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