Turn your needs into virtues.

You need to do something.

“Di necessità virtù”, they say. 
It’s Italian, it means to turn a need into a virtue.

I have recently experienced this concept while creating Sugarlibre. It pains to admit it, but I was in no wealthy place. I had decided to dedicate all my resources to crafting Sugarlibre, including time. So I purposely turned down all job offers that implied a lot of time away from my project. Basically all of them.

Many months in, the time came to add to my written content the visual elements (pictures, videos, website) but I had no resources to hire a professional anymore. I was at an impasse. I could whizz up a vibrant smoothie in a sec if you asked me but no clue to how to deal with pic/web/design/video stuff. I would hear “shoot” and immediately put my hands in the air!

Thank karma, Guillermo Torres, who has created the beautiful brand identity of Sugarlibre, volunteered to help for photos. He gave me a few tips and then I grabbed my iPhone and started to immortalise every piece of food in the house.
Then he said: “let me help you with the videos since you don’t even own a camera”. He filmed me and then also gave me a few tips about editing and he basically unleashed the iMovie editing beast that was in me.
Then he offered again to help me with the website — bless him Universe, you must shower him with goodness this very minute and always! He chose a WordPress template for me, told me where it was and I started to decorate what became in just 4 days a fully operating Sugarlibre website. Ok, I had help from my techie partner as well, but I can proudly claim I did 90% of the work. I am so proud. I did not know anything about that stuff just a week earlier.

Why am I telling you this?

I am telling you this to urge you to take charge of your life. Sometimes you really need a skilled professional to accomplish certain tasks. I would not dare to try and fix the plumbing system in my house just following a tutorial on youtube, for instance. But other times you only have to roll up your sleeves and try. Don’t wait for others to do the job for you. You’d miss an opportunity to learn and grow.

Turn your need into your virtue.

Similarly, it doesn’t help to shut down and complain about your diet and get mad and blame it on your body-type and genes and the system and the big corporations, then wait for somebody to come and deliver you supper. 
You can own your diet and craft your food. This is why I specifically wanted to include a whole week of cooking in Sugarlibre. So you learn! And once you know how to prepare a balanced wholesome meal and how to create a system that serves you, it will be easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

I cannot expect my pics, videos and website to be perfect today, as you should not demand your appetite and cravings to change overnight. But I know that with commitment and practice they will one day in the near future.

Ok, next post will be a recipe. I promise.

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